You have come to my sacred space for a reason, and possibly I'm the vessel from the Divine that can assist you along your self-love healing journey. 

My calling is to elevate, inspire, and guide souls by sharing Divine intuitive wisdom to expand their self-awareness and regain the courage to heal their lives and become the healthiest version of self. 


I work with my clients to release energetic blockages through energy healing practices, self-love rituals, and re-discovery of the inner-light, inner-love, and inner-wisdom that dwells from within.


I believe we are all gifted with unique talents and abilities, and most of us

have suffered traumatic experiences that have taken us off course from living the life that we deserve. 

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Trauma, emotional or psychological, can be caused by an accident, injury, a devastating event during childhood or adulthood. PTSD, which is also caused by a traumatic event, can be harmful to the mind and body because of prolonged stress.  

Trauma lies dormant in the body and will reveal itself in the physical world and may affect your life in specific areas if not addressed.


Energy blockages can arise when emotions like prolonged anger, fear, sadness, and frustrations are repressed and unhealed. When we encounter a traumatic experience, the body defenses take effect and generate a stress response, which causes one to feel a variety of physical symptoms, react differently, and feel more intense emotions. 


Unresolved emotions lead to energy blockages, which become trapped in the body, obstructing energy flow, producing emotional imbalances, chronic ailments, and disease. Repressed emotions, holding onto resentments, and unforgiveness can have harmful effects on our hearts, minds, and bodies. 


Energy healing, self-love rituals, and meditation can guide and encourage the mind, body, and soul towards optimal well-being.  


All is well Light-being with loving guidance, learning to surrender to the present moment, trusting what you feel, and choosing you, healing can happen.