​As a child, I could feel and sense the energy around me and within my body on an intense level. I had the intuitive ability to anticipate my environment through this Divine gift, which startled me initially. Nevertheless, by connecting with my ancestors and utilizing their support, and learning to trust myself, I discovered how to embrace and value this Divine blessing and transform my life spiritually and support others.

Many of us possess intuitive gifts; however, the ability to hear the whispers and trust ourselves is stifled through the traumas we experience as children that can follow into adulthood. The unhealed layers that we ignore and push through ultimately return to the surface, offering us a choice to heal. When the moment is right, the Divine whispers to our intuition, which leads us to the precise person or circumstance, we need to encounter to heal ourselves. Healers are vessels from the Divine used as conduits to gain inner awareness to heal ourselves.