I hope to inspire, infuse faith, and awaken the love, light, healing from within through conscious awareness, self-love, and energy healing.

Namaste Light-Beings, my name is Candice, also known as "Rayen," which means flower in the Native American culture. I am a native of the East Coast, a descendant of the Nanticoke people, a Clairsentience empath, a Spiritual intuitive energy healer, and a trauma-informed yoga practitioner. 

I have a background in IT and Business Management, and although I appreciated both lines of work, I felt a higher calling to serve on a spiritual level for many years.

My spiritual journey began over ten years ago when I was stretching myself thin, working a stressful corporate career, taking care of an ailing parent, raising a child, and lacking healthy boundaries.


The beauty of the Divine is that everything reveals itself in time. Spirit will seek our attention when self-care, balance, and emotional healing are needed. The Divine led me to explore the sacred roots of my ancestors,  mother earth healing, meditation, energy healing, crystal therapy, and balancing the chi (life-force) energy within my body through restorative yoga.

Through transmuting and healing my energy blockages of childhood trauma and domestic violence, I surrendered and followed the whispers from the Divine. I obtained a master's in energy healing, Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher through Lisa Powers, and 200-hr yoga teacher training through Yoga Works over four years ago. My passion and training for energy healing and trauma-sensitive yoga supports trauma and domestic violence survivors. I will always be a sacred seeker and student of life at heart, and the wisdom of meditation, crystal energy healing and mother earth profoundly influenced my sacred healing journey.